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What is Shodeploy?

Shopdeploy is the leading suite of tools for Takealot Sellers. We make it easier to understand how your Seller Account is performing on the Takealot Marketplace and provide tools to help you find new product opportunities to grow your business. You can view your Sales and Inventory levels on the go with our mobile app. No longer do you need to log into the Takealot Seller Portal and export your sales in .CSV. Shopdeploy makes it easy to compare any two sales periods and group the data by day, week or month. In addition to the Live Sales dashboard, we'll email you your Sales metrics so you can always understand how your Takealot Marketplace Business is performing.

Buy Box monitoring notifies you as soon as you lose the Buy Box. We scan the Takealot Website millions of times per day and if a product you are selling loses the Buy Box, we will email you with the details of your offer and the details of the Takealot Seller to whom your lost the Buy Box. This email includes the name of the Takealot Seller, the winning price and the winning lead time. You can then make a decision if you want to adjust your offer in the Takealot Seller Portal so you can win back the Buy Box.

To get started with Shopdeploy connect your Takealot Seller Portal to Shodeploy using the API Key found in the API Integrations section of the Takealot Sellers Portal. Shopdeploy securely imports your Sales and inventory data from Takealot every 5 minutes. The data that we import from the Takealot Seller Portal is entirely secure and never shared with anyone.

Revenue Dashboard & Analytic

Take a deep dive into your monthly revenue. Compare revenue between periods and understand where you are making your money.

Live Sales Dashboard
Powerful Analytics Tools
No more exporting .CSVs from the Takealot Seller Portal

Buy Box Monitoring

Keep on top of your competitors with alerts for new sellers on your listings and when a competing seller changes their price.

Win the Buy Box
Monitor Products
Increase Sales

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