Takealot Image Requirements

Images are an essential part of any product listing on the Takealot Marketplace. High quality product images help your product stand out in search results and on category pages as well as showcase your product's value proposition to a customer.

Basic Requirements For Listing Images

  • Images must be either in .jpg/.jpeg format or .png format
  • Image background must be White and cannot be transparent.
  • Minimum 72 DPI (to maintain the image clarity when zoomed)
  • The maximum file size is 2MB
  • Colour mode is sRGB
  • Image composition: 85% - 95% of the frame needs to be filled out.
  • Aspect ratio: as close to a square aspect ratio as possible or in ratios of: 4:3, 3:2,16:9, 5:3 and 5:4. A ratio of 8:1 will not be accepted
  • Maximum 2048 px by 2048 px on ANY side.
  • Minimum: No shorter than 600 px on ANY side

Types of Takealot Marketplace Images

Main Image