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Takealot Seller Portal Contact Details

By Andrew Lynch · 24 January 2023

Takealot Seller Portal contact details

The Takealot Seller Portal provides an array of self-service tools however, sometimes an issue will arise that you can't resolve on your own. For these situations Takealot has a dedicated support team that you can contact.

The Takealot Seller Support team are available to help answer any questions that may arise when selling on the Takealot Marketplace. The team is equipped to handle and troubleshoot a wide range of seller situations and problems.

Here are just some of the issues that they can help your with:

  • Errors that occur in the Seller Portal.
  • Querying a negative customer review.
  • Canceling a Shipment to a Takealot DC
  • Enquires about how to do something on your Seller Account.
  • Experiencing an issue with the Adaptris Booking System.

The Takealot Seller Support team can be reached by email, using the Google Form or via phone.

Takealot Seller Portal Contact Number

087 362 4499

The Takealot Seller Support Phone lines are open between 08:45 and 16:00, Monday to Friday

Takealot Seller Portal Email

You can contact the Takealot Seller Support team via email using the link to the Google Form below. Full in as many details about your request as possible and then submit the form. You will receive an email confirmation once you have submitted your request

Takealot Contact Form

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