26 Aug 2022

How to win the Takealot Buy Box

What is the Buy Box One of the unique features of selling on the Takealot marketplace is that the same product can be sold by multiple sellers.  When a seller creates an offer for a product in the Takealot Seller Portal they set a selling price and Stock On Hand Levels they also have the option to send stock to… Continue Reading

17 Apr 2020

Takealot Seller Portal Contact

The Takealot Seller Support team are available to help answer any questions that may arise when selling on the Takealot Marketplace. The Takealot Seller Support team can be reached by email, using the Google Form or via phone. Takealot Seller Portal Contact Number 087 362 4499 The Takealot Seller Support Phone lines are open between 08:45 and 16:00, Monday to… Continue Reading

16 Apr 2020

Takealot Image Requirements

Images are an essential part of any product listing on the Takealot Marketplace. High-quality product images help your product stand out in search results and on category pages as well as showcase your product's value proposition to a customer. Basic Requirements For Listing Images Images must be either in .jpg/.jpeg format or .png formatImage background must be White and cannot… Continue Reading

3 Dec 2019

A better way to manage Takealot Marketplace images

High quality images are a vital component of any product listing on the Takealot Marketplace. However, uploading images, creating direct links and ensuring that they end up in the correct loadsheet is tedious and can often result in the loadsheet being rejected. In this article, we'll take you through the processes and tools that we recommend for managing images when… Continue Reading