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Getting Started

I've just signed up for a Shopdeploy, what do I do next?

Shopdeploy integrates with your Takealot Seller Account using an API Key. This Takealot API Key is used to securely connect to and fetch data, like products and orders, from your Seller Account

Retrieving Your Takealot API Key

Get Started by logging into the Takealot Seller Portal, selecting API Integrations from the side menu, then clicking on Seller API and scrolling down to the Authentication section.

Takealot API Key Display

If you wish to ensure that no other services have access to your Takealot Seller Account, you can create a new API Key by clicking on Remove and then Generate API Key.

Click Copy to copy the API Key to your clipboard.

Login to Shopdeploy

Once you have your API Key, you can login to Shopdeploy by navigating to and following the prompts to login.

Paste in your API Key

Paste your API Key that you copied from the Takealot Seller Portal into the Takealot Seller API Key field and click Finish. Shopdeploy API Key Entry

Shopdeploy will now connect to your Takealot Seller Account and fetch your products, orders, and other data. This process may take a few minutes for all your data to be fetched.