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The Repricing page is where you will see all the offers that you have added to the Repricer.

How Repricing Works

Shopdeploy will automatically change the price for any offer in the Repricer where the offer is Buyable and Repricing Status is Enabled. All other offers will be checked for buy box data but will not be repriced.

Several times per hour Shopdeploy will fetch the Takealot Product Page for your Offer and check to see if you are winning the Buy Box.

  1. If you are not winning the Buy Box, Shopdeploy will adjust your price to be the lowest price that will win the Buy Box.
  2. If you are already winning the Buy Box, Shopdeploy will increase your price to be the highest price that will still win the Buy Box.
  3. If you are the only seller on the Buy Box, Shopdeploy will set your price to the Max Price.

Shopdeploy takes into account several factors to determine the best price to set for your offer. These factors include:

  • Stock Levels
  • Lead Time Margin
  • Min and Max Price Ranges

Takealot allows Marketplace Sellers to set a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for their offers. This RRP is displayed on the Takealot Product Page and is used to show the customer how much they are saving by purchasing from a Marketplace Seller. When updating the selling price of an offer Takealot requires that the new price is below the RRP. There may be times the new price to be set is higher than the current RRP, in these cases Shopdeploy will adjust the RRP to be R1 above the new price.